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If you have a 2020 model year domestic car or truck, chances are ProCharger has a 50-state compressor system! Do you have a new 2020 Mustang GT? We have a system for that. 2020 Camaro, Challenger/Charger or F-150? Yes, they too. Tuner kits for this vehicle are NOT legal for California road traffic. Radzins also notes that while not yet available, legal ProCharger kits for CARB are also on their way for 2019 and 2020 GM pickups. «Basically, we apply and wait our turn to go through this certification process, and sometimes it takes a while. However, they are currently being tested and we expect them to be added to our catalog very soon. «If you live in California and have had to deal with the power of your recent model car or truck, you know it`s not just about finding a part number in an online catalog and clicking the `buy` button. While other parts of the country wouldn`t see any difference between a modern everyday driver and a custom-built race car when it comes to emissions compliance, it`s a different story in the Golden State, where every gasoline-powered vehicle starting in 1976 must pass regular smog checks to be legally registered. The standard test bench (left) produced rear wheel power values of 260 horsepower and 281 lb-ft of torque. Even at just 8 psi and no other support mods, the ProCharger system dramatically boosts things, making 419 horsepower, 422 lb-ft. Nevertheless, we think this system should be good for 440 horsepower or even a bit more in similar conditions, so we`ll be back on the test bench soon to see if we can`t compose that a bit more. We expect that by adding octane, struggling with the unruly gearbox and a few other tricks of the emissions law, we will be able to pick up extra ponies.

Every store owner knows that installing a ProCharger compressor system is a breeze and a great profit center, but these 50-state jurisdictions add extra peace of mind to every sale. Selling and setting up jurisdictions in 50 states ensures that performance shop owners never have to worry about emissions compliance issues, even when they`re screwing in on HUGE power. We all love to screw the power of our cars and trucks. We also all like to have products that have long experience in the industry and warranties. Fortunately, ProCharger compressor kits have always had their backs on both aspects. One thing that was often overlooked, however, was the legality of the broadcasts. To be legal in 50 states, a California Air Resources Board (CARB) Executive Order (EO) number, which is CARB`s seal of approval, requires that a component such as a compressor or part, such as a pair of manifolds, meet the state`s strict emissions standards and be approved for sale and use in the state of California. Since California`s standards are the strictest in the country, it doesn`t matter anywhere if it`s okay in Cali! ProCharger`s expansion into California with an office in the San Francisco Bay Area was due in part to our close collaboration with CARB, and success has grown with by far the most approved California compressor systems on the market! ProCharger just received a handful of new EOs covering a gang of cars and trucks from the 2019 and 2020 model years, making them legal for on-road use in OEM vehicles (production engine, stock exhaust, etc.). With our massive (and growing) list of 50-state compressor systems, this means you no longer have to worry about smog checks, check-in inspections, or looking over your shoulder during a roadside check.

Now you can enjoy all the power you can handle and have 100% peace of mind with your ProCharger system. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) just released ProCharger with an EO model year update, so all 2020 Hemis 6.4Ls in STR8 models (you know, HOT models) are now fully legalized in all 50 states! Yes, even if you live in California, it`s perfectly legal to add a ProCharger Supercharger system to your hot Hemi! We know this blog is about the current Body Style Stang, but we don`t want to ignore the other S550s that most people have in their barn. ProCharger also has emissions laws for 2015-2017 model year Mustangs. For more details on these systems, please click HERE, or the image below. Given that California is the largest auto market in the U.S., it`s no surprise that ProCharger has opened a regional office on the West Coast just minutes from the famous Sonoma Raceway (more on that in an upcoming update) and ramped up its emissions testing program to meet the demand for roadside approval in all 50 states. The development department of ProCharger Kompressoren worked overtime to develop these CARB EO legal systems for Ford`s latest pony car, which now covers the 2018 and 2019 model years. So if you`re the proud/happy owner of one of these new Coyote-powered direct-injection Mustang GT Gen 3 and you`re looking for an emissions regime, read on! As you can imagine, we will add more apps as soon as possible. So if you`ve delayed purchasing ProCharger due to emissions issues, you know that we support you and work hard to ensure that almost everyone who wants to use a ProCharger will soon have full access to a ProCharger. CARB certification can often be a time-consuming and expensive process. As a result, it can be difficult for enthusiasts in California to find power parts that have a significant impact while keeping vehicle smog legal. Luckily for us, companies like ProCharger came to the rescue. «There`s a big misconception that if you have a CARB-compliant system, it produces less electricity or is somehow different from a non-compliant system that we offer,» says Radzins.

«With our truck kits like this, there is virtually no difference between the legal smog system and those that are not CARB compliant. Essentially, one went through the certification process and the other did not. «Our most recent EOs published by CARB are listed below, but note that we have many more years and models with 50 state-legal EO systems – check them out HERE.

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