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The Portsmouth City District Court appoints a Property Assessment Resolution Committee (Council). The committee meets to balance real estate appraisals in the city to hear complaints about inconsistent assessments, errors in appraisals, and complaints that properties are assessed at a price above fair market value. (2011, c. 640) d. Where an election on the question of the adoption or repeal of a by-law has been held in accordance with this chapter, no election on a substantially similar matter may be held two years after that election, except that the Council may propose the repeal, amendment or amendment of a by-law made under paragraph (b). be voted on at any general election following its adoption. (2011, c. 640) g. If, in such an election, a majority of the votes cast on the question of removal is confirmed, the candidate who obtains the greatest number of votes cast shall be deemed elected, and if more than one member of the Council is recalled at such election, the candidates obtaining the greatest number of votes shall be equal to the number of members of the Council who have been removed; is deemed to be elected. The holder of the office whose removal is sought is then deemed to have been removed from office as soon as the official electoral documents are announced. The successor of an official so dismissed shall hold office during the term of office of his predecessor, which has not yet expired.

If the person or persons obtaining the greatest number of votes cannot be elected within ten days of receipt of the voting card, the office shall be deemed vacant. The question of the removal of an office holder is not submitted to voters until one year after the decision on the first motion for dismissal expires a second time during the same term. The method of removal provided for here is cumulative and is in addition to the other methods provided for by law. (2011, c. 640) Commercial standards (commercial requests): Telephone 023 9283 4092 – E-mail trading.standards@portsmouthcc.gov.uk d. Acquire, by purchase or lease, in whole or in part, lighting and electrical plants or systems, gas plants or systems, buses or other transportation systems, and other property and accessories, from any person or entity operating in the city or adjacent areas. (2011, ch. (640) Portsmouth City Council`s team of highly qualified and qualified legal services advises and assists in areas such as contract law, debt collection, data protection and freedom of information, general legal advice and private law, including personal injury. d. Initiate, prosecute, defend, compromise and settle all legal proceedings necessary and appropriate to protect the interests of the City. b.

Manage and control all legal transactions in the city. On this page you will find the Commission`s telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. You can also report problems online or find information about the location of citizens` offices. The city may construct or expand its aqueduct within or outside the city limits, enter into contracts and agree with the owners, whether individuals, private corporations or not-for-profit corporations, of land, water, water rights or easements for their use or purchase, or may have them condemned for the site, the enlargement and extension of structures, related pipes or any fittings or accessories. The clerk is the registrar of the municipal council, keeps the minutes of its proceedings, including resolutions, and records all ordinances in a book kept for that purpose. The scribe is the custodian of the city`s corporate seal and is the official authorized to use and authenticate it. The Registrar shall have all other powers and duties provided by law or imposed from time to time by the City Council. (2011, ch. 640) It is our duty to continuously improve the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of legal services to the municipality. We try to achieve this goal through an ever-evolving process of formal education, experiential learning and analysis of our completed operations.

The mayor is recognized as the head of the city government for all ceremonial purposes, for the purposes of military law and civil procedure service. In the absence or absence of the mayor, the deputy mayor shall perform the duties of the mayor. (2011, ca. 640) Protection of the public: Telephone 023 9283 4167 – Email public.protection@portsmouthcc.gov.uk No member of the municipal council may provide goods or services as a member of the municipal council, except for services for which he has received consideration in money or otherwise, directly or indirectly, under penalty of loss of charge. Any person who makes such an accusation under oath before a judge of the Portsmouth Circuit Court must ensure that the accused counsel sets out the reasons why he or she should not be dismissed. If such an indictment is confirmed, the judge dismisses the person and orders the forfeiture of the consideration in question. (2011, ca. 640) Audit and Anti-Fraud Unit: Telephone 023 9284 1373 – E-Mail-corporatecounterfraud@portsmouthcc.gcsx.gov.uk Recycling and waste: Tel. 023 9284 1105 – E-Mail-recyclingandrubbish@portsmouthcc.gov.uk – contact us online Whenever an order made under the provisions of this chapter is to be submitted to the electors of the city for adoption or repeal, the city clerk shall arrange for the order to be published once in a daily newspaper. Published in the city. is published or has a general distribution. Portsmouth.

Such publication must be made not later than sixty days and at least thirty days before the date of the election. (2011, c. 640) The city`s legal department advises and represents all the different elements of city government, including the general government, school department, police department, fire department, and all the various agencies, commissions, and authorities. Some services are provided by external private law firms, both under current contracts and upon request. d. Exercise supervision and control over all services and services of the City for which the Manager appoints the Chief. There is hereby established a Civil Service Commission, consisting of three persons appointed by the judges of the District Court of the City of Portsmouth (Commission and Court of Justice, respectively). No person may be appointed to the Commission unless he or she is a citizen of the United States and a resident of Portsmouth, or who holds no office or office serving in the city, the Commonwealth of Virginia or any of its political subdivisions, or a public service entity owned by the city or the Commonwealth. with the exception of the office of the notary or a public official or a national, state or local committee of a political party or an official of such a party or an official of such a party circle, or who is an official or a member of a committee of a political club or club of a party. Such appointments shall be made without distinction as to race, colour, religion, sex, disability or national origin.

One. On the first Tuesday in May in the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy-four and on the first Tuesday in May every four years thereafter, a general election is held in which the voters of the city elect three municipal councillors for a four-year term. On the first Tuesday in May in the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy-six and on the first Tuesday in May every four years thereafter, a general election is held in which the voters of the city elect a mayor and three councillors for a four-year term. All terms begin on the first day of July following their election. c. Represent the City, its officers and employees in all civil proceedings affecting the interests of the City. 4. No such petition may be signed by an elector before 1 January of the year of the election and must be submitted to the Registrar General of the city not later than the date fixed for the closing of polls on the second Tuesday of the year of the election. b.

If a majority of electors entitled to vote on a proposed ordinance vote in favour of it, the ordinance shall become a valid and enforceable ordinance of the city, and it may not be repealed or amended, except by a vote of the electors, within two years.

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