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New Jersey`s law governing the advertising of public notices (Title 35) requires newspapers to file annual affidavits of distribution with each governing body whose newspaper is authorized to publish legal notices. This procedure is neglected by many newspapers. Please make sure yours is not one of them. The New Jersey Law Journal publishes public (or legal) notices required by laws or rules of the New Jersey courts. To view public announcements in this and previous issues of the New Jersey Law Journal, click here. For more information on posting notices, please contact Jennifer McCullough at 215-557-2321, fax 215-557-2301 or email [email protected] All public announcement advertisers will receive an affidavit of publication. Forms of notice include: To publish a public notice, please contact the local newspaper in the city or county where the legal notice is to be published. Discrimination in the workplace is illegal. Show more information For laymen, this means that some time after September 30 and before January 1, the newspaper must send an affidavit to any municipality or governing body whose legal opinions are admissible by the newspaper. This affidavit must indicate the average paid circulation of your newspaper for the previous year between October 1 and September 30, as well as the rate that entitles you to charge this governing body for its legal publicity (public notice). New Jersey Statutes, Title 35: Legal Publicity – Link to state law for legal newspapers. NJPUBLICNOTICES.COM provides 24-hour, seven-day-a-week access to local, state, and regional public notices placed by governments and ordered by New York courts.

These include public notices of seizures, hearings, tenders, financial reports, orders and other government activities required by law. Legal publication: Legal notices are published on our company days (Sunday, Thursday and Friday), but can also be hosted on other days and appear in ALL issues of the Star Ledger. Print ad in the body of the newspaper for one day, minimum ad size 3.5″ x 2″ (larger formats and multiple days of publication available) 1-800-pack rat (NJ-Dayton-6051) 8 Nicholas Court Dayton, NJ 08810 877-774-1537 Tenants of listing for sale: Unit # Charyk, Henry 354442 Cohen, Samarra 802329 Finnegan, Vanessa 351281 Klein, Kelly 354207 O. To post a search for help in print and online, please call 1-800-501-2100 BOROUGH OF BOUND BROOK COUNTY OF SOMERSET NOTICE OF ADOPTION IS HEREBY NOTIFIED that the following order was passed on second reading at a meeting of the Borough Council for the Borough of Bound Brook in Somerset, New Jersey: held at 230 Hamilton Street, Bound Brook, New Jersey, September 27, 2022. McCoy, Borough Clerk ($45.24) Place the Notice of Hearing, then the verdict and immediately receive the affidavits for publication. This site is open to the public free of charge. Each public announcement was originally published in one or more New Jersey newspapers, the trusted source of community information. New Jersey Drug Utilization Review Board – 2019 Annual Report for the State`s Fiscal Year. 1-800 Rat Pack (NJ-Dayton-6051) 8 Nicholas Court Dayton, NJ 08810 877-774-1537 Registered tenants: Unit # Charyk, Henry 354442 Cohen, Samarra 802329 Finnegan, Vanessa 351281 Klein, Kelly 354207 Ortiz-Tulla, Dana D05457 Scarcella, Steven D04040 505 0 Tribunella, Rosario 354866 Zuppa, Mary 800952 Zuppa, Mary 701679 Zuppa, Mary 700669 Zuppa, Mary 705201 Ingrid Dombrowski (LDM) D05006 Maureen Bensadigh (LDM) D05251 Nicole Smith (LDM) 804815 Theodore Pagano (LDM) 803785 Victoria Bertotti (LDM) D03141 1-800-Pack-Rat (NJ-Dayton-6051), 8 Nicholas Court, Dayton, NJ 08810, has a lien of ownership over all goods stored in the above units.

All these personal effects will be sold in accordance with the execution of the lien on 25.10.2022 at 10:00 am to collect the amounts owed by you. The sale will take place on www.storagetreasures.com from 25/10/2022 to 01/11/2022 at 12:00 pm ($51.60) Certificate of Need: Application and Review Process. Online listing with unlimited text and up to 5 photos uploaded for 30 days BOROUGH OF BOUND BROOK SOMERSET COUNTY NOTICE OF INTRODUCTION HEREBY NOTIFIED that the following orders were given first reading at a meeting of the Bound Brook County Council in Somerset County: State of New Jersey, held on September 27, 2022, that these ordinances will be considered at a Borough Council meeting on October 11, 2022, at 230 Hamilton Street, Bound Brook, New Jersey, for further consideration with a view to their final adoption.

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