Nh Law Enforcement Memorial

The New Hampshire Law Enforcement Memorial was designed in 1992 by Attorney General Jeff Howard and opened on September 26, 1998. The memorial honors New Hampshire law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty. On the walls of the monument are engraved a total of 43 names of officers who died in the line of duty. The oldest was an officer who died in 1889; This fact was only recently discovered after all these years. As a member of the New Hampshire Law Enforcement Memorial Committee, I can tell you that we will ensure that the memorial is at its best. Deceased officers are honoured each year at a ceremony at the memorial site. This service is affiliated with the National Law Enforcement Memorial Services, which are held in Washington, D.C. each May. We, the Committee, continue to receive donations for the maintenance of the memorial and keep it up to date (although we hope never to have to put another name on it). This monument is the community`s way of honoring law enforcement officers who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the citizens of this great state. We will continue to honour those who died before us. The names of the dead are engraved on the entrances to the monument.

New Hampshire sculptor Emil Birch chose the star as his eternal shield, and the monument is shaped like a star. At the base of the monument is a container with the law enforcement badges of all law enforcement agencies in the state. The monument is made of granite and its star shape is recognized as a symbol of law enforcement. Another reason for the shape of the star is that the arms of the star come to the center, making the flame the center of the monument. It also allows you to set the names so you can sit on the benches at the beginning and look and see the names. The bronze flame with fiber optic lighting inside represents the light of life that all honored officers gave up in the line of duty. Chief Michael Greeley – Deerfield, NH Police Department.

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