National Crime Agency Legal Trainee

There are at least 181,000 offenders in the UK linked to serious and organised crime. Our ever-evolving and expanding capabilities mean we need people with experience in project management, policing, crime analysis and commercial procurement. «The National Crime Agency (NCA) Legal plays a critical role in achieving the agency`s objectives, including detecting, combating, and combating serious and organized crime. As an internship, you will see all aspects of typical state legal work as well as fascinating projects that are unique to the agency. We have different career paths and many opportunities. You just need to show that you are flexible, that you can work hard and that you are willing to push yourself. The agency accompanies you in all the career paths you wish to undertake. My second seat was on the Financial Disruption Litigation Team, where I presented claims in high-profile asset recovery cases: it was a proactive and fast-paced team working on complex and often novel legal issues such as cryptocurrency tracing, trying to disrupt sophisticated offenders operating in multiple jurisdictions at the upper end of high damages. Most importantly, I supported two high-quality civil collection cases targeting what became known in national and international headlines as the «Azerbaijani laundromat» and helped write expert reports before the trial. I first served on the Civil Litigation Team, which defends the NCA against civil lawsuits and judicial reviews and represents the Agency in public inquiries. In this role, I got to know public servants across the organization and the context of the legal issues they faced. I have attended hearings before the Royal Courts of Justice and worked directly with senior lawyers to shape the ANC`s defence. From the beginning, I received my own files, supervised by a lawyer, and managed the correspondence before the action to find a solution before the case escalated if possible.

Although I was responsible from that beginning, the supportive environment encouraged me to take up the challenge. Our agents come from different backgrounds and cultures, speak multiple languages, and have diverse skills and experience. What unites us is the commitment and commitment to protect the public from serious and organized crime. ANC trainees usually spend their third place on secondment to the Ministry of Home Affairs to gain experience in policy development. Here, I joined an advisory team responsible for immigration policy and the presentation of the draft law on nationality and borders. I participated in debates in the Houses of Parliament, where I sat in the «box» with fellow lawyers advising ministers and Lords on the ground. NCA`s volume of work and breadth of legal expertise, as well as complex and unusual legal issues, make NCA a brilliant environment to grow as an articling student. We recently arrested suspected members of an international organised crime group responsible for importing over 50 tonnes of drugs worth billions of pounds into the UK.

We work in a variety of roles, from investigators and intelligence to crime analysis and commercial procurement. Some of our officers come from the law enforcement or intelligence background. But many of our civil servants come from the public sector and the private sector or directly from the school. We hope that joining the agency is just the beginning of a long and successful career with us. I recently returned to NCA for my last role on the operational and data consulting team. We conduct an eclectic workload and advise on ongoing operations, new investigative techniques and international issues. Many of the lawyers on the team have areas of expertise, but as an articling student, I can experience the full range of the team`s tasks, including cybercrime, biometrics, privacy, extradition, and police powers. Given the urgency and diversity of our work, there is no such thing as a «typical» week: rather, we must respond to everything that is due. This is a great way to absorb knowledge and identify areas of interest – although the real difficulty is narrowing down my interests! Interns in the Accelerated Public Service Program may choose to intern at the NCA as part of the course.

Fast Track offers two-year Level 4 training in one of the following areas: Successful apprentices can apply to the Public Service Fast Stream without a degree (see below). Risk Warning: Cryptocurrency is a notoriously volatile unregulated virtual asset with a high level of risk. Any news, opinions, research, data or other information contained on this website are provided for news reporting purposes as general market commentary and do not constitute investment or trading advice. We offer a range of internships and student internships, all of which are paid. Discover the latest opportunities within the ANC, from investigations and intelligence to strategy and security. Ella gives an overview of her training contract with the National Crime Agency These roles offer valuable experience and can prove to be a launching pad for your career as an NCA officer. We are committed to professional development, and many officers who move into junior support roles go on to investigations, intelligence agencies or other roles. The NCA has main centres in Warrington and London, with smaller offices across the country. When you join us, we provide you with the training and support you need to advance your career. Some of the things we offer are: Please visit our open positions page for details on all current vacancies. The NCA is proud to be one of Stonewall`s Top 100 Employers, I have been working for the NCA for 9 years in various departments, which I have all enjoyed. I am an active member of the Disability Network`s DNAG Advisory Group, which aims to improve the work environment for people and empower officers to foster an inclusive and diverse culture and workforce.

Not only do internships provide us with valuable information and experience about our work, but a large proportion of people who come to us as interns are subsequently offered full-time positions as NCA officers. «The internship was a way to gain useful experience and the work looked really cool. I`ve never really thought about law enforcement before, but I really love what I do. The atmosphere here is very friendly and the people very authentic. Juliette, National Cybercrime Unit Intern 2017 Want to start your career as an NCA officer? From training to internships to student internships, there are many entry opportunities to join our team. I am an investigator at the National Crime Agency branch in Birmingham. A workday could include arrests, searches, interviews, file building and interviews with the Crown Prosecution Service.

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