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The Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General of Saskatchewan do not provide legal advice, legal research or interpretation of laws or regulations that may apply to a person`s particular circumstances. General information on Saskatchewan law can be found on the Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan (PLEA) website. For advice or legal assistance, please consult a lawyer. The Department of Justice and the Attorney General ensure a fair justice system that respects the law and protects the rights of all Saskatchewan residents. promotes safe communities; and provides legal and judicial advice to governments. The 2021-22 Annual Report of the Ministry of Justice and the Office of the Attorney General presents the ministry`s activities and results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022. It reports to the public and elected officials on public commitments and other significant achievements of the ministry. Information on emergency shelters for women and children, sexual assault services and family services that provide women and their children with access to shelters and other essential services. The Legal Services Branch (LSB) assists the Attorney General as legal counsel to the Government of British Columbia.

LSB ensures that the management of public affairs is carried out in accordance with the law. All legal services to the government in civil matters are provided by or under the supervision of LSB lawyers. The Attorney General is responsible for ensuring that public administration is conducted in accordance with the law and, as such, is the government`s chief advisor, as well as oversight of the judicial system and the sheriff department. Under the Queen`s Counsel Act, the Attorney General is automatically appointed King`s Counsel when he or she takes office. The Attorney General is also an ex officio member of the Law Society of British Columbia. The Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General of Saskatchewan are seeking 4-6 law students from the first (1L) or second (2L) law school to join the ministry from May to August 2021. Positions may be available in our Prosecutor`s Office, Legal Services, Innovation and Community Safety and Wellness departments. Jobs are available in Saskatoon, Regina and La Ronge. For previous ministry plans, please refer to the previous year`s plans, reports and guides. The Attorney General of British Columbia oversees the Ministry of the Attorney General, a provincial government ministry responsible for overseeing the court system in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

The Attorney General is a member of the provincial cabinet, usually a member of the Legislative Assembly, elected by the Premier of British Columbia and formally appointed by the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. These are the agencies, commissions and agencies that are part of the Government of Saskatchewan. They are specialized and play a unique role in government. The Department of Justice and the Attorney General provide law students with a well-rounded articling experience. Online resource for all government publications, including legal documents and legislation, as well as other Saskatchewan publications. To order or subscribe, please visit Saskatchewan Publications. If you do not have Adobe Reader on your system, you can download it for free. In recent years, Do It Yourself (DIY) investing has exploded in popularity, with more apps than ever offering accessible and affordable trading. Deputy Attorney General Ministry of the Attorney General P.O.

Box 9290 Stn Prov Govt Victoria BC V8W 9J7 You can serve the Attorney General in one of the following ways: The following is a list of attorneys employed by the Department of Justice who can accept service of documents on behalf of the Attorney General of Saskatchewan. You are here: Home / Directories / Provincial Ministries and Crown Corporations Today, the Ministries of Penitentiaries, Police and Public Safety, Justice and Attorney General and Health announced their partnership with the. Support for families and individuals who work with families in missing persons cases. David Eby held this position from July 18, 2017 until his resignation in July 2022. [1] Murray Rankin has been appointed on an interim basis. [2] Due to unusually low inventory levels and rising vehicle prices, consumers may consider other ways to purchase a vehicle. That. The 2022-2023 plan reflects the government`s goals of maintaining growth and opportunity for the people of Saskatchewan, meeting the challenges of growth, ensuring a better quality of life for all Saskatchewan residents, and creating responsive and accountable government. The following laws and regulations are administered by the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General`s Office and are available in PDF format. The following links are provided with permission from Publications Saskatchewan in accordance with the copyright laws of the Government of Saskatchewan. Printed copies of the legislation are also available on the Saskatchewan Publications website. These guidelines provide insight into the prosecutor`s approach and highlight how prosecutors make different decisions.

You will also find documents related to breathalyzers. You must attach a cover letter to the documents you deliver. Pay a state fine, such as a traffic violation online or in person. Documents must be accompanied by a cover letter (service letter). This letter must contain the documents you are serving and how you served them. All publications and forms for the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney-General can be found in the Publications Centre. Responsible for investigating all sudden, unexpected and unnatural deaths in the province. A complaint about the conduct of a member of a municipal police service in the performance of his or her duties. A public inquest into the death of Curtis McKenzie will be held October 31-4. November 2022 at the Coronet Hotel at 3551 – 2nd Avenue West. A commissioner of oaths may take an oath on documents intended for use in Saskatchewan. A notary can sign passport documents and certify copies of birth certificates and other documents.

Questions may be asked following the recent death of Her Majesty the late Queen Elizabeth II and Her Majesty`s successor, King Charles III. The Public Guardian and Trustee protects the interests of vulnerable persons by managing the financial affairs of children under 18 years of age, an adult dependant or a deceased person. This is a blank cover letter that you can download and complete: Blank Service LetterThis is an example of a cover letter that you can consider as an example: Sample service letter The Maintenance Office records support orders and agreements, monitors payments, and takes enforcement action if required payments are missed or late. View the complete list of statutes administered by the Department of Justice and the Attorney General, as well as regulations and summaries of statutes. Information on the Aboriginal Courtwork Program, court dates, payment of a provincial fine, pardons and trial records. Get to know the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants. You may also be eligible for one of the following programs: .

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