Are Airsoft Guns Legal in Israel

Careful! Since December 27, 2012, airsoft weapons are now considered 4th category weapons, for which we must register them correctly. Between 2006 and 2012, bills such as S810, the last of the four bills introduced in the Senate, were drafted to revise the Legislative Assembly and «clarify» that airsoft firearms fall under the state`s definition of firearms. He did so by adding that «polymer bullets and metal-coated polymer bullets» are identified as one of the projectiles fired by air rifles. [86] All four bills were defeated, so airsoft firearms retained their status as counterfeit firearms. Under the NJ Act, counterfeit firearms are counterfeit firearms that can reasonably be mistaken for real firearms. Airsoft guns are not treated as firearms by law, but the visible transport of replica firearms in public places is prohibited. All replica firearms must be covered with something, such as a firearms case, when moving into the public domain. Permission from the landowner is required to play airsoft in any area. In Indonesia, there are no strict rules for airsoft and there are still no government considerations as to whether airsoft weapons are treated as «toys» or are equivalent to real weapons. However, when Airsoft was first introduced in Indonesia in 1996, the founders of Indonesian airsoft communities imposed some restrictions on airsoft games.

For example, airsoft players are encouraged not to update their weapon above 450 fps, or they are rejected by the community. In addition, anyone who wants to buy an airsoft gun must be at least 18 years old and know the regulations and rules regarding the airsoft weapon. Due to the nature of airsoft sports (such as paintball), it is classified as a «war game», which is defined in the Firearms Act 1996 as a simulated military exercise or similar activity in which a firearm is used or carried by a person. Section 119 of the Firearms Act 1996 (CAS) prohibits a person from participating, permitting, provoking, supporting, promoting or promoting war games. As a result, war games such as paintball and airsoft are banned in Tasmania. It has already been established that an airsoft weapon is classified as an air rifle or air pistol that would require a Class A (air rifle) or Class H (air pistol) firearm licence. However, the Firearms Act does not provide an appropriate «real reason» for the possession of a firearm for the purpose of airsoft activities; therefore, an airsoft weapon cannot be registered in Tasmania because the applicant cannot provide sufficient reason to possess and possess the firearm. In short, practicing the sport of airsoft and owning airsoft weapons is currently banned in Tasmania, and this position is unlikely to change in the near future.

[8] In general, all events must take place in private locations. Organizations can organize airsoft events as long as they are not associated with ideological or religious agendas. Local authorities such as the mayor`s administration and the police must also be informed and their consent given. In the Flemish Region and within the organization more than twice a year with a maximum of four consecutive days, it is mandatory to have an environmental permit, even if it is organized in a designated forest area, a permit from the Regional Authority of Nature and Forests is required. In the Walloon zone in general, it is enough to inform the local authorities. Airsoft weapons are mentioned as excluded in the Danish «Våbenlov» (arms control legislation). Individuals must be at least 18 years of age to purchase, surrender or possess airsoft weapons. They can be used in police-approved locations with a permit at the age of 16.

A firearms licence is not required. All airsoft weapons must be carried hidden in a bag, trunk, etc. Trade in and possession of airsoft weapons is also largely unlimited, but transport is only allowed in a closed container. Transporting toys that look like a weapon requires a sealed container. The port of filming or ready-to-use access is only allowed on closed private property and if it does not disturb other people. According to the «DECREE IMPLEMENTING THE CONTROL OF FIREARMS, SWORDS, EXPLOSIVES, ETC. ACT»[44] (총포·도검·화약류등단속법시행령) in 2017, imitation weapons are recognized according to one of the following criteria: 1. Object made of metal or non-metallic material, very similar to the shape of the weapon, which can have a high probability of crime.

2. An object of metal or non-metallic material, fired from metal or non-metallic bullets, or makes noises/fires that include one of the following criteria: a. The diameter of the projectile is less than 5.7 mm b. The weight of the projectile is more than 0.2 g c. The kinetic energy (destructive power) of the projectile is greater than 0.02 kgm d. The head of the projectile is sharp that is not treated around e. An object immediately makes explosion noise is about the 90db or make airsoft weapons with flammable flame as well as the sport of airsoft are legal in Poland.

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