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In a recent November 2013 notice, the Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission noted that public opinion on the proposed regulations «lobbying» within the meaning of the Lobbying Disclosure Act in 65 Pa. S.C. § 13A01 et seq. In particular, the submission of a written public comment on a draft regulation prepared by a department of the state government during the public comment period «would constitute an attempt to influence administrative measures in the Commonwealth». As with all of these opinions, this opinion is strictly limited to the facts provided by the applicant for the opinion, in this case the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Water Works Association (PA-AWWA). Importantly, the Commission noted that since the AP-AWWA engaged in other lobbying activities, a legal exception would not apply to those who limit their lobbying activities to comments on the regulations. Nevertheless, it is clear that the Lobbying Disclosure Act is widely enforced. Therefore, businesses that comment on legislative initiatives and agency rules and engage in other lobbying activities should ensure that they fully comply with the reporting and registration requirements of the Lobbying Disclosure Act. Michael represents utilities, municipalities, businesses and developers in a wide range of areas related to water, wastewater and energy. His water practice includes serving as legal counsel to government sections of several U.S.

and international utility associations. He has served as general counsel for the water utilities of Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. He has extensive experience in the regionalization and sale of public water and wastewater supply facilities as well as in the installation and construction of such plants. The award is the highest distinction awarded by PAWARN. Michael has been recognized for his years of pro bono legal advice at PAWARN. More recently, he helped the organization circumvent covid-19 legal restrictions on water and sanitation systems. Michael also provided advice for an important law that went into effect in Pennsylvania on July 23, 2020, which provides certain immunities from civil liability for aid workers for mutual assistance such as PAWARN and its members. In the Fayette County trial, after conducting discoveries, including testimony from key United Dairy and agency staff, the Pennsylvania American Water Company filed a motion for summary judgment arguing that what United Dairy and the agency were demanding clearly violated the law`s prohibition. According to Pennsylvania American, United Dairy has been a customer for nearly 100 years and its water supply has been provided by existing facilities. Any service of the authority would require the construction, operation and maintenance of new facilities that duplicate existing ones. In addition, providing services to United Dairy as a new customer would compete directly with Pennsylvania American. In response to the request for summary determination, United Dairy and the North Fayette County Municipal Authority finally admitted that a new service connection would be redundant and that a summary verdict in favor of Pennsylvania American was appropriate.

Kirwan began his career at American Water in 1985 and has held several key operational positions ranging from Superintendent of Water Production, Regional Director of Operations, Director of Maintenance Services, Senior Director of Operations for the New Jersey Coast and Vice President of Operations for New Jersey American Water. Most recently, he was Vice President of Operational Excellence at American Water. Our government affairs team serves as a link with elected officials, business leaders and community leaders in the communities served by Pennsylvania American Water. For more information, please contact:Melanie Horvath, Director of Administration Our customers are our top priority, and we pride ourselves on providing clean, safe, reliable and affordable water and wastewater services. In New Jersey, we serve approximately 2.8 million people. To ensure that your water is of the highest quality, we strictly follow regulations established by local authorities, as well as federal standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). James Gallegos is Executive Vice President and General Counsel of American Water. In his role, Gallegos is the General Counsel of American Water, where he provides oversight, guidance and guidance on corporate governance and board matters, as well as legal advice and oversight to the legal team responsible for all aspects of the company`s legal affairs. Prior to joining New Jersey American Water, McDonough was president of American Water`s Military Services Group. He led a team of nearly 500 employees who provided water and wastewater services to 17 military facilities across the country. Under his leadership, the Military Services Group received contracts for the ownership, operation and maintenance of water and wastewater systems at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington State, Joint Base San Antonio in Texas and the United States Army Garrison West Point at West Point, in the state of New York.

Gallegos began his legal career as a litigator with the U.S. Department of Justice and as a legal clerk for a federal district judge. He is currently Chair of the Board of Directors of the Clean Lakes Alliance. He has also served on the Board of Directors of the Urban League and the Board of Trustees of Edgewood College. Dating back to 1886, American Water is America`s largest and most geographically diverse publicly traded water and wastewater company. Pennsylvania law has long stipulated that, with a few exceptions, local government agencies are not allowed to compete with incumbents. Since 1935, the Pennsylvania Municipality Authorities Act has prohibited local authorities from duplicating or competing with existing businesses. While the «anti-competitive» provision has not been the subject of frequent litigation, its continued relevance to water companies was recently reaffirmed in a case in western Pennsylvania. Melanie Kennedy is Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at American Water, the largest publicly traded U.S.

water and wastewater utility company. In this role, Kennedy is responsible for overall human resources strategy, talent acquisition, leadership development, organizational design and cultural development, compensation and benefits, HR operations and technology, employee and labour relations, and employee training and development. She is also the Executive Sponsor of the Company`s Inclusion and Diversity Council. As a member of the management team, Kennedy contributes directly to the company`s long- and short-term strategic goals. In March 2017, she was appointed Senior Vice President, HR, and in December 2020, she was appointed Director of Human Resources. «Jim is a great addition to our leadership team,» Susan Hardwick, president and CEO of Camend-based American Water, said in a prepared statement. «He brings nearly 20 years of experience as general counsel and has a unique combination of knowledge and skills that include strategic regulatory experience, strong corporate governance, extensive litigation, corporate planning, strategy development, and leading regulatory and legal teams in multiple states. Jim is also passionate about inclusion, justice and diversity, which is very much in line with American Water`s values. PAWARN members include investor-owned agencies and municipal water and wastewater utilities that support and promote nationwide emergency preparedness, disaster relief, and mutual assistance for water and sanitation systems that are experiencing emergencies that cause major disruptions to public water and wastewater supplies. He is also responsible for the preparation or assistance in the preparation of American Water`s filings with the SEC and other public disclosures, corporate governance matters, regulatory compliance for debt and equity financing and other securities offerings, as well as credit, credit and hedging transactions, overseeing compliance with listing rules on the New York Stock Exchange and general corporate law.

Business. Business DevelopmentPlease click here to contact our Business Development Department. Supply ChainFor issues related to purchase and service contracts for contract work at Pennsylvania American Water.Chanté HarrisonStrategic Buyerchante` As General Secretary of American Water and several of its subsidiaries, Mr. Taylor oversees the affairs of the Board of Directors and the management functions of the subsidiaries of these companies.

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