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The legal team hires at all levels, including in-house counsel, senior in-house counsel, associate general counsel, contract managers, legal assistants and executive assistants for roles to support our rapidly growing and evolving businesses. Our legal team is deeply involved in all aspects of Amazon`s diverse business and operations, from researching groundbreaking new products and services to bringing our best ideas to market and operating effectively on a global scale. We`re full members of Amazon teams that disrupt established business practices for the benefit of our customers – whether it`s reading books on a device (Kindle), delivering just about everything you need quickly (; PrimeNow), establish the cloud as a business site (AWS), deliver packages by drone (PrimeAir), launch new TV shows (transparent and Mozart in the Jungle, Golden Globe winners, for best TV series – musical or comedy) and many more. The scope of our work is truly incredible. To keep up with Amazon`s growing list of exciting business opportunities, we`re looking for exceptional lawyers who thrive on big challenges, think creatively and analytically to solve tough problems, and consistently achieve great results despite all adversities. We want people who are passionate about working with innovative and disruptive companies to deliver incredible customer experiences. And then there are a lot of challenges that come with being a great company that has business models that push the boundaries. We have this vision of having transparent cross-border trade and information flows for everyone in the world, but it`s much easier physically and electronically than legally because you have different languages, different cultures, different consumer protection rules, different trade regulations. We have the advantage of having a lot of open positions at all times, so there is a lot of recruitment overlay that fits very, very well with these efforts.

We are interested in retention and recruitment and regularly organize training for our employees in our department. We also have a policy whereby we sponsor any lawyer who wishes to participate in minority municipal bar associations. And on the external side, we challenge ourselves to look for lawyers in non-traditional places, like with the OnRamp Fellowship.On the pro bono side, it`s really difficult for in-house lawyers to do pro bono work. You just don`t have the same infrastructure [as in companies] to support them, you don`t have the same legal culture that recognizes what it is, and it`s hard to get started. So my strategy was to give our lawyers so many different ways to get involved, even if that only means for an afternoon or just a few hours. Zapolsky said he was sometimes asked if working with a legal team of 800 people was something completely different, as opposed to the 15 to 20 who worked at Amazon when he joined Amazon in 1999. The answer is: somehow yes, but somehow no, he observed. In an in-depth interview, Zapolsky told Corporate Counsel how he landed as head of Amazon`s legal department and gave a rare insight into his team. The conversation has been modified for clarity and length.

But in other respects, the legal department is not too different. We are always very fast and enterprising. We still have a lot of fun. And I still see many of the same faces today as I did back then. We have a huge continuity, especially at the management level in the legal department, there are many things that feel the same way. CC: Has the legal department changed as Amazon has grown? DZ: That`s our biggest challenge. I mean, it`s a big challenge, but following what the company is doing around the world is our challenge. There are a lot of people I don`t know personally, which is a problem that gets worse every year. Part of how I try to compensate for that is that I try not to let more than two or three years go by without at least visiting our big international law firms. 8.

Limitation of Liability. In no event and under any legal theory, whether tort (including negligence), contract or otherwise, shall any Contributor be liable to you for any damages, including direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages of any kind, arising out of this License or the use of or inability to use the Work (including, but not B. limited to damages for loss of goodwill, work stoppage, computer failure or malfunction, or any other damage or business loss), even if the Contributor has been advised of the possibility of such damages. We also have our own in-house technical team led by our Legal Operations Group. Therefore, we have a number of projects underway to invent our own technology to streamline the work we do across the department so that our lawyers and jurists can hopefully automate some of the most common work to focus on higher-level issues. I said: Well, how big is the process department? He said, well, that would be you. And I knew at that moment that it was just kind of an opportunity in my life. I jumped on it and joined Amazon in November 1999 and led the litigation and regulatory group for only about 13 years. CC: Under your leadership, the legal department has been involved in diversity and pro bono initiatives. Why are they important to you? Supporting the company`s growth and managing the legal risks faced by such a giant is a huge legal department with more than 800 employees, led since 2012 by David Zapolsky, senior vice president, general counsel and secretary of Amazon. While there are challenges in keeping up with the legal requirements of a company like Amazon, such as running a legal department that has more than 400 lawyers with offices in 15 different countries, Zapolsky said in an interview with Corporate Counsel on July 28 that the in-house legal team is still, more than 15 years after joining the company, feels the same way in some ways. DZ: At Amazon, we have this very strong business ethic to be right, which is one of our leadership principles.

If everyone looks the same and comes from similar backgrounds, you probably won`t understand it, so the diversity here has very real business meaning and commercial meaning. And it`s very important to me that we have lawyers and lawyers who represent all of our clients. DZ: To give you an idea of how quickly things changed here when I became General Counsel, I never imagined that by 2016 we would have a whole group of lawyers dedicated to aviation law, both for our drone programs and for the [Boeing] 767 that we lease as part of our logistics network. I also didn`t think we`d need an entire law firm in Santa Monica, essentially filled with entertainment lawyers, to grow our original TV and film business, Amazon Studios, which we`re doing now. CC: Is it difficult to keep up with the pace of such an important legal department? «You» (or «Your») means a person or entity exercising the authorizations granted by this License. 6. Trademarks. This license does not authorize the use of Licensor`s trade names, trademarks, service marks or product names, except as necessary for reasonable and customary use in describing the origin of the work and reproducing the contents of the NOTICE file. «License» means the terms and conditions of use, reproduction and distribution set forth in sections 1 to 9 of this document. I hadn`t thought about doing the job at all.

But as I thought about it more and talked to her and other people in the organization, I felt more comfortable with the idea. Or at least I made friends with the idea of trying. My biggest fear was that I wouldn`t be able to do this job as well as I could do the other [litigation and regulation] work. The jury is still not sure if that is the case, but I will say it is much more fun than I imagined. «Licensor» means the copyright owner or entity authorized by the copyright owner granting the License. Form «Object» means any form resulting from the mechanical transformation or translation of a source form, including, but not limited to, compiled object code, generated documentation, and conversions to other types of media. A full copy of the Apache license (version 2.0) is listed below. But almost exactly five years ago, my boss Michelle Wilson unexpectedly called me into her office and said: I have three things to tell you. I thought I was in trouble. But the three things were: I`m adopting a baby, I`m leaving in two weeks, and I want you to take over as general counsel. It was completely out of the blue.

For example, we`ve had a lot of success bringing teams of people to DACA [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] clinics to help these incredible young people process the documents that bring them to this program. As a member of our team, you will be surrounded by exceptionally talented, intelligent and passionate people. You will work in an energetic but relaxed environment (yes, dogs are allowed here). You will be part of a customer-centric culture. We take hard work, fun and history seriously – if it sounds interesting to you, join us. We are always looking for the best talent! I spent almost three years there committing mainly sexual crimes, child abuse and domestic violence. And from there, I was very lucky to be able to jump to Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz in 1991, where I learned everything about the trade.

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